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Tinder is an application for online dating that runs on IOS and Android. Tinder dating is easy an fast . The general concept is to quickly find singles near you, scrolling through profiles profiles selected according to their age, gender and location.

Registration is quick: all you need is a Facebook account and connect to the application. Also, do not worry about the discretion of Tinder, which will be absolutely invisible, and will not publish news on your Facebook account.

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How Tinder Dating Works?

On Tinder, no loss of time: the only essential information is the age, sex and location. Of course, it is possible to complete a description by being original and funny. However, if one wishes to increase the appointment, it is important to have one or more beautiful pictures. Tinder on, the sound is appropriate and you are chosen primarily Please if your physique.

The application has a notable advantage over its competitors and on dating sites: you do not take a rake! Indeed, two people can start discussing if and only if they were mutually attracted. In this way, it receives no unpleasant notification indicating that a heart stroke is not mutual … With these fun and addictive characteristics, it has already attracted millions of users around the world, mostly young people between 18 and 25 years.

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What Makes Tinder Dating Site Unique?

Besides its ease of use to make meetings close to home, Tinder advantage to be connected to Facebook to deliver some useful information to its members. Therefore, even if your activity on Facebook is invisible on Tinder, the converse is not necessarily true. Thus we can see the friends we have in common and the interests that we share; more arguments to be identified and to start a pleasant conversation but also a feature that can be troublesome in terms of confidentiality.

Why Use Tinder App?

If you want to get appointments without going through long hours of connection on a dating site, Tinder may be for you. On this application, things are done quickly and “without the fuss” especially members meet because they like physically, and find your meeting if you can do without something or not. In short, this application seems especially designed for meetings without a future, as would tend to confirm its attendance by a fairly young age, which is not necessarily eager to find true love. If this is your case, and you want to enjoy a completely free application, please register!
Some figures on Tinder


A totally free application
It does not take a rake
Many profiles registered
A particularly simple use

Weak points

Less choice for over 25 years
Ascertained the presence of fake profiles
A privacy far from guaranteed
An application based primarily on published

Tinder is the application of the Facebook generation, with hundreds of friends and spends many hours to check their smartphone. Provided they do not forget the safety rules that govern the world of online dating, it is recognized that Tinder is appealing young 2010s.

However, this application is not really a serious alternative to traditional dating sites. Compared to address offering a range of fairly comprehensive services and events of calendars, Tinder’s hard to bear comparison. So do not expect to meet the perfect person on the first date … However, we must recognize that the simplicity of the application is a powerful argument that has enough to make users quickly addicted! In short, it would be a shame not to enjoy Tinder, at least as it remains free …


Tinder Dating App  for meeting  on the go

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Based on geolocation and a fun interface, the app Tinder, created by four Americans there is a little more than a year, dusts off the mid dating apps. With 100,000 new subscribers per day, the platform that some call straight Grindr, has been increasingly successful in 18-25 years.

The principle is as simple as fun: the user logs in with their Facebook ID. The application and access a range of personal information: age, location, photos and all references to “Like” of the user.

On the basis of these data and due to its GPS system, Tinder then suggests a series of profiles nearby and list the interests and mutual friends of users. The thumb does the rest. Indeed, simply “swiper” clockwise a deemed interesting profile or otherwise, to the left.

Tinder Plus:

tinder plus

It’s official, after months of rumors, Tinder, application of the best known dredger in the world, becomes pay! Or rather freemium, as they say in the jargon iOS and Android.

Indeed, there is still a free version, but limited in terms of features. Those who actively used to search for the woman of their dreams may be disappointed, it now asks them between 1.99 and  29.99 / month to enjoy the application without clamping.

Tinder plus is his name landed on Google Play and the App Store a few days ago, and the opinions fuse on the two application markets. Since his arrival, the four and five star rating turned into a star, with comments calling the scandal. Some even predict the imminent death of the application.

Launched in 2012, Tinder has become the number one drag application for users of iPhones and Android smartphones. And due, with a base of several million subscribers and free, the application quickly emulated.

The concept is simple, you go Like  profiles that you like and those that do not interest you. If someone like you does the same in return on your profile, then this is a game, and you can start talking.

That’s the basic principle. The paid version of Tinder however brings two new features: Passport and Swipe. The first allows you to place yourself anywhere on the world map, allowing you to start browsing the profiles that are on your future place of vacation or travel. The second offers the possibility to cancel your previous action. If you spent a little too quickly a profile that ultimately interested in, so you can find it.

More Tinder therefore also provides an unlimited number of like, while the free version of the application now limited to 50 likes per day. You’ll understand if you want to increase your chances, you will need to hand the wallet.

Finally, as regards the rate, it seems not to be the same person. The premium version starts from 1.99 / month and can go up to 29.99 / month. The rate is calculated by an algorithm according to your age and number of matches. In short, you are old and more popular on the application, the more you will pay dearly.

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